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Nu-Cell provides everything you need to get your home powered by solar.
Select from the following installation types:

nu-cell technologies roof mounts nu-cell technologies roof mounts roof mounts |solar energy

Roof mount

Roof mounts are solar panels mounted on the roof. They can be adjusted to optimize their orientation for maximum solar exposure.

nu-cell technologies solar carport  mounts

Solar carports

Raise the ground mount a little higher and create covered parking with solar carports – a great way to protect vehicles and maximize real estate.

nu-cell technologies ground mounts nu-cell technologies ground mounts solar energy ground mounts

Ground mount

Sometimes roof-mounted systems are not an option due to shade, space, or orientation. Ground mounts offer optimum efficiency and solar tracking capabilities.

nu-cell technologies pole mounts nu-cell technologies pole mounts solar pole mounts

Pole mount

Solar pole mounts are easy to install and adjust throughout the year to maximize solar exposure. They can also be fitted with a solar tracking mechanism.

Which installation will work best for you? It depends on your energy needs, available ground space, sunny exposure, and orientation towards the sun. You can't really know what type of solar mount is right for you until a certified Nu-Cell professional visits your site.

Nu-Cell Solar & Air

provides a complete solar energy package for your home. We design systems based on:

Power Needs


Amount of sunlight your home receives

Money Saved

Amount you'd like to offset with a system

Nu-Cell solar modules are made with monocrystalline silicon. They come in two colors (silver and black) and multiple sizes. The size is determined by your power needs and the space available for your solar array.

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Everything you need for a Solar System

Nu-Cell Solar & Air provides everything you need to get your home and business powered by solar.