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Get Started Here. Submit your information so that Nu-Cell can assess your energy needs and contact you to discuss your solar options. It's quick and easy!

Step 1: Contact Us

Fill out the form below with your contact information. One of our trained installers will call and schedule a time to visit.

Step 2: Free Assessment

A Nu-Cell certified installation professional will visit your location to assess the following:

  • How many kilowatt hours you currently use each month
  • How many hours a day the sun shines at your location
  • Where the panels will be located (south facing is optimal)
  • How much electricity you would like to offset with solar

Step 3: Customized Plan

You will be given a custom proposal for your location that details the costs, government incentives for solar, savings, and financing options.

Step 4: Installation

Our certified solar installers come back to your location and install your system. The process typically takes 2-5 days, depending on type and size of installation. The solar modules are installed on your roof or in the chosen outdoor space, along with the wall-mounted inverter and connections to the existing electrical panel.

Step 5: Save

You start saving money immediately with solar energy made by YOU and your solar module provider, Nu-Cell Solar & Air.

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Get Started Here.