Solar Power for Your Business

The Next Way Your Business Can Cut Costs

solar solutions for businesses

Think you've analyzed all the ways your business can cut costs? How about switching your business to solar? Nu-Cell makes it easy for your business to get started with a solar energy system and dramatically reduce your company's electric bills. We provide system configuration, hardware, and installation for small, medium, and large business clients. We also work on large-scale government projects. Nu-Cell makes the switch to solar easy and cost effective.

Types of solar applications

Nu-Cell Solar & Air provides a complete solar energy package for your business.

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Rooftop Solar Mounts |Nu-Cell

Rooftop solar

Commercial rooftops are the perfect place to turn unused space into a money saving resource. Nu-Cell Solar & Air provides solar modules that power large businesses with cost-saving power. Tap into the tax benefits associated with solar systems for your business and reap all the rewards from the sun.

Solar Parking Canopies Nu-Cell Technologies

Solar parking canopy

Create shaded parking for employees and harness the energy from the sun by providing solar canopies from Nu-Cell Solar & Air. Solar powered canopies turn parking lots into a an asset and show the community you are dedicated to helping the environment. Also a great space to provide plug-in charging stations for electric vehicles.

Ground Mount Solar Solutions

Ground mount

Unused land is easily converted to a money-saving power plant through ground mounts by Nu-Cell. Generate clean, sustainable energy with ground mounts or pole-mounted applications. A great solution when there is extra land or roof mounts are not an option.

Turnkey Solutions

  • System configuration - Nu–Cell provides system configuration. Let us look at your energy requirements, available space for solar, and amount of sunlight you receive to determine your system requirements.
  • Installation - Nu–Cell will configure and install the system you need to offset your energy bills. Our certified solar installers will get your business's solar footprint installed quickly with little to no interruptions to your operations.
  • Energy management – See how much you're saving every month and monitor the energy output of every area of your facility with Nu-Cell's energy management monitoring system. Get real-time information on where your energy is being used and how much energy you are making with solar.
  • Maintenance service - Nu–Cell stands by its warranty and can provide your company with a maintenance contract to ensure you get the most from your solar energy system.

Solar Turnkey solutions